Strawberry Crepes

Three delicate Crepes filled with Fresh Strawberries and lightly dusted with Powdered Sugar Single.

Continental Crepes

Three Crepes Rolled with Sour Cream and Cointreau,
a gourmet's delight. Dusted with Powdered Sugar and
served with warm Tropical Syrup Single.

Kijafa Cherry Crepes

A Danish favorite! Three delicate Crepes filled and topped with sour red Cherries simmered in Kijafa Wine Sauce lightly dusted with Powdered Sugar.


Three Delicate Crepes served with Lemon, Butter and Powdered Sugar.

Mandarin Crepes

The Crepe Suzette of the Orient - Mandarin Orange Segments,
Mandarin Syrup and Powdered Sugar.

Apple Crepe

A large Crepe filled with diced Apples, Pecans, Sour Cream,
Cointreau and Cinnamon Sugar. Served with warm Apple Nectar
at room temperature.

Banana Crepe

        Sliced Bananas in sweetened Sour Cream topped with
                Apricot purée and a light dusting of
                        Powdered Sugar.

                                Chocolate Crepes

              A classic flavor combination... Belgian Chocolate or Nutella topped with thick Whipped Cream and garnished with Fresh Strawberries.

Chicken Crepe

Tender white Chicken Breasts diced and simmered with Red and Green Peppers, ripe Olives, Mushrooms and then added to our own Mushroom Sherry Sauce and rolled in our fresh Crepe. Served with four Potato Pancakes.

Spinach Crepe

Fresh Spinach, Mushrooms & Onions in our
blended Cheese Sauce. Rolled in a delicate Crepe
topped with Hollandaise Sauce. Served with four
Potato Pancakes.